1. No Tide

From the recordings Event Horizon and ROS Project - Pride 2024


No Tide

Spoken lies fell from broken skies and told our ruin.
Wayward eyes taught to paternalize the sun and moon.

What if our life wasn’t always such a fight?
What if our sky had no moon at night?
What would be if we didn’t see a lunar apogee?
Would we love with only stars above?
Would we have left the sea?
Would our tears have dried, if there was no tide?
No moon above, only stars to guide.

Can we find our way through what lies ahead?
Where would we be today if we weren’t misled?
Would all our dreams be on our side?
Wouldn’t we be free if there was no tide?

Spoken lies, heartbroken cries, fantasize and synthesize,
all to keep the battle’s prize.

Would the truth be locked inside if there was no tide?
We can’t change the past.
Maybe if we understand we can make the future last.

What is still hidden behind the stained glass?
We must break our own stained glass.