Part One - Wavelength 

 Funny how we call this planet: 'Earth', even though seventy-one percent of it is covered with oceans. Well, one continuous ocean that we break apart on maps and pretend that we have conquered in some insecure manner. The reality is we have only discovered five percent of the oceans. Even if we were to have explored all the land, we still have two-thirds of the planet that is unknown to us. We are not scientists; we exploit what is easy at an insane frequency. We don't explore, we steal. 

 I stole from…

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Part Two - The Crest 

 According to science, there are two basic types of waves: longitudinal and transverse. Longitudinal waves operate by having a medium compress and rarefaction. With sound waves, the air is compressed and travels away from the source. If you hold your hand in front of a speaker, you can feel the compressed air move towards you. Transverse waves are what you see on water.  If the waves are big enough, like on an ocean, you can use them you propel you. 

 There is nothing like the feeling of being propelled by…

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Part Three - The Trough 

 There was a dream I remember having a lot as a teenager. The frequency of that dream increased, but it was always in bits and pieces until I finally had the full version of it in my early twenties. That was last time that vision came to me. 

 The final dream went like this: I walk down a large set of stairs into a slightly darkened hallway. There are dance mats on the floor and they lead up to a set of locked doors. Heavy chains are wrapped around the pull handles. There is a glow of light from under these…

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