1. Within You

From the recordings Event Horizon and ROS Project - Pride 2024


Within You

Lost in time, but all the hours are mine.
I hold on to what I say, but all my days slip away.
Time goes by, in the blink of an eye.

Lost within you, is a light that shines true.
Every moment we get will take forever to forget.
Time to try, we can get by if we are you and I.

Lost in time, now is ours to find.
I hold on to what you say and all my fears slip away.
A new hope, new day.

Always be true, with the hope within you.
I know you’ll find the key to our time.
Can you see, you’re real within me.
Hold on to what I say, we’ll be ok.

Lost in time, I’m unlocked by the key within you.