1. Both Again

From the recordings Event Horizon and ROS Project - Pride 2024


Both Again

I came apart and lost my way.
My words are broken, there’s nothing to say.
I’ve gone astray.
I need the night to lose my day.

I have to know that I am real,
all that I can see and all I can feel.
I just want to be both again.

I need the light to shine my way.
So many truths are hard to say.
It’s a fight for me,
all I am and who I can be.

I miss the moon and the night,
and the sleep that held me tight.
I just want to be both again.
In the darkest of nights,
lost again without your light.

The curtains of bright stars show where you hide,
But as dark as you are,
I feel inside.

I miss the night with the moon so bright.
Find me they’re both again.