1. Event Horizon

From the recordings Event Horizon and ROS Project - Pride 2024


Event Horizon

Anne: Cerotis One, we are detecting a debris cloud in your orbit directly ahead.
Jamie: We see that now on our scanners. We are adjusting course. Anne, it is nice to hear your voice, I was just about to contact you.
Anne: Jamie, we show you moving towards V723, be careful.
Jamie: Cerotis Two, please stand by.
Anne: Cerotis One, Jamie, are you ok?
Anne: What happened?
Jamie: (static) Cerotis Two, come in, over. Cerotis Two, we have lost power and have switched to emergency backup.
Jamie: Cerotis Two, MAYDAY MAYDAY, are you there, over?
Anne: Cerotis One, we read you on the analogue emergency channel. Our scanners show hull decompression and damage to your engineering section. Jamie, are you ok?
Jamie: Anne, I think we were struck. We lost our plasma reactors. We can’t reach engineering.
Anne: Jamie, we are running scenarios in the computer to prepare for a rescue. What is your current situation
Jamie: Anne, we have a team headed to engineering to report on the damage.
Jamie: ANNNE!
Jamie: We lost engineering!
Jamie: It’s all gone…
Jamie: Anne, they are at deck 4. Propulsion offline! Plasma reactors offline! Casimir drive offline! There are all offline!
Jamie: Life support is venting and we are accelerating towards V723.
Jamie: Anne, I am sorry…
Jamie: I don’t think we are going to make it.
Jamie: Anne, I want you to know that I will always love you.
Anne: Jamie, you are my heart…
BOTH: I love you.